24 Reasons Why KubWipes Cotton Wipes Just Make Sense

Skincare and life hacks for your daily routines.

You’ve probably seen a TikTok or Reel using the catchy trending sound “Che La Luna” with the characteristic Italian hand gesture showing things in someone’s home or life that “just make sense.” Some of the videos are sarcastic quips about things that literally make no sense, while others teach viewers about new products or life hacks they never thought of. In case you missed the KubWipes version of this trend you can check it out here, otherwise keep reading as we’ve compiled a long list of reasons why KubWipes just make sense, and why you and your family should be using them in all your daily routines! 

1. KubWipes are 100% certified USA cotton.

No hidden additives. No toxic chemicals. Nothing but pure, plant-based cotton from the USA.

2. KubWipes are eco-friendly and sustainable.

Cotton is a natural and sustainable crop, unlike paper-based products that lead to global deforestation. The cotton used in our wipes passes strict certifications by the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol® which ensures that it has been sustainably and ethically grown in the USA with lower environmental impact, fair labor practices, and less social risk than other raw materials.

3. KubWipes are biodegradable.

100% cotton is a naturally biodegradable resource which means you won’t be contributing to methane emissions and landfill buildup by using a 100% natural cotton product in your daily routines.

4. KubWipes are disposable.

No ruined towels. No water waste. No laundry detergent, softeners or other toxic chemicals seeping into our water systems from washing other reusable cotton pads or using other chemical-based tissues and wipes. Disposable doesn’t have to mean environmentally unfriendly.

5. KubWipes are convenient. 

Use them at home, in the car, at work, at the gym, or while traveling. Grab a wipe and go or take our Mini Box with you so you have handy wipes with you when you need them most.

6. KubWipes are vegan and cruelty-free.

No animal testing, or animal-derived ingredients. Only clean and pure plant-based cotton. 

7. KubWipes are ultra-soft.

Seriously. You have to feel them to understand. They’re SO SOFT and not scratchy when used dry. The texture transforms into an ultra-silky, and smooth feeling when wet with just water or any of your own products and glides across the skin gently. 

8. KubWipes are nontoxic.

No ingredients that link to hormone disruption, poisoning, cancer or allergic reactions. Clean and safe for the whole family to use. 

9. KubWipes are chemical-free.

They don’t have a long list of ingredients you can’t pronounce. They have one ingredient, it’s easy to pronounce and comes directly from nature. No skin-irritating chemicals, no preservatives, no parabens and nothing that throws the natural ph of your skin off balance. 

10. KubWipes are fragrance-free.

Fragrance or “parfum” as it usually appears on ingredient lists is one of the most common ingredients in personal care products and also one of the most dangerous. Part of the “dirty dozen,” parfum can be used in place of thousands of chemical combinations, with most never being tested for their toxicity. Fragrance in personal care and skincare products can cause skin irritations, trigger allergies, migraines and asthma issues as well as disrupt hormones, cause cancer and neurotoxicity. Fragrance recipes are considered “trade secrets” so manufacturers are not required to disclose the chemical compounds that make up their unique fragrance in products, and therefore implies you have no idea what you are introducing into your body. KubWipes are completely fragrance-free, odor-free and natural. 

11. KubWipes are safe for sensitive skin.

Hypoallergenic and safe for all skin types, including the most sensitive newborn skin, damaged skin, blemished skin, and skin suffering other ailments like eczema and psoriasis. Pure, soft, and natural cotton cares for your skin like no other wipe. 

12. KubWipes are safe for all ages.

They’re great for all ages and generations. There is a use for our wipes for every age category from newborns and babies, to toddlers, kids, teens, adults, and seniors. They’re the best wipes for the whole family. 

13. KubWipes are perfect for pet care.

Because they’re all-natural, KubWipes are perfect for cleaning your best pal’s eyeducts, muzzle, paws and cute, furry butt. Unlike other pre-moistened and chemical-additive wipes, these won’t irritate your pet’s skin.

14. KubWipes are large.

One wipe goes a long way. Stop wasting dozens of cotton pads and let one large wipe from KubWipes do the work for you. Remove makeup, cleanse your face, and then clean up around your sink, all with one wipe. 

15. KubWipes are pearl textured.

The 3D dot, pearl texturing of KubWipes help gently remove makeup, dirt, oil, sweat, pollution and other daily grime from your skin without damaging it. 

16. KubWipes are strong and durable.

Unlike tissues that rip or disintegrate when wet, KubWipes stand up to any task you give them. They’re strong and durable no matter how vigorously you scrub with them. 

17. KubWipes are double-layered. 

Our wipes have a unique double-layer weave that not only ensures their strength but also makes them fluff and hair-free. No more worrying about tiny cotton fibers or tissue fibers getting stuck to your skin or makeup when you use a wipe. 

18. KubWipes are flexible.

Use them to get into all the nooks and crannies of your face. Cleanse along your hairline, eyelash line, eyebrows, nose crease, chin, neck and more. Large and flexible wipes clean every last inch of your skin. 

19. KubWipes are reusable.

Because they’re so strong and durable, KubWipes cotton wipes are also reusable! Use them to wash your face, rinse them, wring them out and hang them to dry and then reuse them again around the house as a handy cleaning cloth. 

20. KubWipes can be used dry. 

Use them dry to absorb sweat, dry your face hygienically after cleansing, apply your own products to the skin like toner, or as a handy cloth to absorb accidents and messes or dust around the house. 

21. KubWipes can be used wet. 

Use them wet to remove makeup or wet with just water to cleanse skin, change diapers, body cleanse or freshen up intimate areas at home or while traveling. Our wipes won’t rip or fall apart when wet so you can guarantee a thorough and hygienic clean.  

22. KubWipes can be used with your own products.

Need to apply toner? KubWipes. Want to remove your makeup with a specific makeup remover or micelar water? KubWipes. Want to remove a clay facemask that won’t budge without ruining your towels? KubWipes. Unlike other pre-moistened wipes with a bunch of icky ingredients, KubWipes are pure 100% DRY cotton that you can use to wipe your face and skin with just water or in combination with your favorite products you know and love. Don’t settle for ingredients your skin doesn’t need and you don’t want to use. 

23. KubWipes are a CLEAN product.

Since they’re only made with 100% natural cotton, they’re a clean way to keep you and your family clean. (See what I did there?😉) Use them with simple ingredients to make your own DIY cleaning wipes around the house to keep you and your family safe and clean. 

24. KubWipes are multipurpose.

Clean and natural skincare, makeup removal, baby care, fitness and active lifestyles, acne, intimate body cleansing, household cleaning, and more. The uses for our wipes are endless. We love giving you ideas and new ways to use our wipes in your daily routines, so check out some of our other blogs for great ideas and wipes hacks. You’ll find even more beauty and skincare hacks on our Instagram and TikTok channels! 

KubWipes are the BEST. WIPES. EVER. 

If these 24 reasons haven’t convinced you yet that our wipes are literally the BEST WIPES EVER, then try them out and see for yourself. We promise that once you try our 100% premium cotton, ultra-soft, silky and multipurpose wipes you’ll never go back to your old wipes again. 

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