KubWipes Summer Soul Quiz

Take our summer soul quiz to find out your ideal summer vacation.  Whether you’re jumping on a plane or just jumping in the pool, we’ll show you why the new KubWipes Mini Box is going to be your favorite sidekick this summer vacation. Take the quiz and find out how useful 100% Premium Cotton Dry Wipes can be no matter what your summer plans are.

1. Staycation

Your ideal vacation is in the comfort of your own home, but that doesn’t mean you’re not going to take time for yourself and have some fun. Whether you invite friends over for a pool party, backyard barbecue, or pamper yourself to an at-home spa day, KubWipes Premium Cotton Dry Wipes can help keep you and your loved ones clean and fresh this summer. Our 100% pure cotton wipes are ultra-soft and silky and can be used wet or dry. Use them dry to absorb messes around the house, absorb sweat, clean dust, or dry your skin. Use them wet to cleanse your skin, remove makeup, and clean dirty hands, faces or bums. Our durable cotton wipes will stand up to any task without ripping or tearing and the 100% cotton is biodegradable and easy to toss in the backyard composter when you’re done. The KubWipes Mini Box is the perfect size to throw in a purse or backpack so you have a handy wipe at home or out and about. 

2. Beach Vacation

You’re a Beach Bum at heart. Your ideal vacation is at the beach. When you hear the word “vacation” you hear ocean waves crashing on the shore, the distant sounds of seagulls cawing and the tinkling of ice melting in a refreshing drink while you enjoy the best sea views. On your next trip to the shore, don’t forget to pack the new KubWipes Mini Box in your luggage. 100% premium cotton wipes are multipurpose and convenient to use wet or dry. Use them dry to dust sand off your skin and belongings, absorb sweat, apply skincare products and clean up messes and spills. Wet the wipes with water to cleanse your skin, remove makeup or take off sunscreen. The disposable wipes are the perfect size to throw in your beach bag or tote so you always have a handy cloth when you need it. Go relax. You earned it!    

3. Camping

Your easy-going personality leads you on the trail to be one with nature. Your ideal vacation is camping in the wilderness. Whether you prefer to rough it in a tent under the stars, or sleep in the comfort of a cozy cabin or caravan, the KubWipes Mini Box is the perfect companion for your break in nature. The 100% Natural Cotton Dry Wipes are the perfect size to cleanse your face and body and come in a convenient mini box that can easily fit in a backpack or small space. The ultra-soft texture feels silky on skin but is extra strong and won’t rip or tear. As a disposable and biodegradable item, they’re the perfect eco-friendly and all-purpose wipe to take with you on your next camping trip.

4. City Escape

The hustle and bustle of the city is where you belong. Your ideal vacation is a city escape. Whether you choose to stay domestic or take your trip international, if you plan to hop on a plane to a far off city, then you can’t forget to pack your KubWipes Mini Box in your carry-on bag. 100% Natural Cotton Dry Wipes in a convenient mini box are the ideal size to fit in hand luggage so you have an eco-friendly, ultra-soft, and strong wipe when you need it most. Use them dry as a handy tissue or cloth that won’t rip or tear, absorb sweat or apply your skincare products. Use them wet to refresh yourself, cleanse your face or body, and remove makeup, dirt and pollution from your skin. The 100% natural cotton feels silky and the hypoallergenic formula won’t irritate even the most sensitive skin. Convenient and disposable, you can pack light so you have more space to bring home all those souvenirs you have your eye on.    

5. Road Trip

While you love adventure and seeing new places, you’re more of a go with the flow kind of person and the wide open road calls to you. Your ideal vacation is taking a road trip! All you need are some tunes, snacks and good company and you're ready to find some fun. On your next trip, make sure to pack KubWipes Mini Box in your car to have handy wipes with you wherever the road takes you. The small box can easily fit in your center console or glove box for easy access when you need it. 100% cotton wipes can be used dry for cleaning faces and hands, absorbing sweat, and mopping up the mess your kids made in the back seat. Use them wet to refresh yourself after a long day in the car, cleanse your face or body and remove makeup. The wipes are ultra-strong and can stand up to any task you give them while also pampering your skin with an ultra-soft and silky texture. They’re eco-friendly, family-friendly and skin-friendly so don’t leave home without them!

6. Big Resort 

Sunrise yoga, morning tennis, afternoon ziplining, followed by an evening bike ride and topped off with a nighttime show. Your ideal vacation is at a big resort with plenty of activities to keep you busy. Whether you’re off on a day-trip to some nearby waterfalls or competing in a dive contest in the main pool, KubWipes Mini Box is the perfect companion for your resort vacation. The convenient mini box fits easily into the pocket of your backpack, tote, or luggage and is so versatile no matter what activities you have planned. The ultra-soft 100% cotton wipes are perfect to use dry to absorb sweat or dry skin, and wet to cleanse skin or remove makeup without any icky chemical-residue left on your skin like other pre-moistened wipes. They’re strong and durable and won’t rip or tear with vigorous use, and large so you only need one to get the job of 8 tiny cotton disks done. Add KubWipes Mini Box to your packing list and know that you have the perfect versatile wipe for your next resort stay. 

7. No Vacay

Though no vacation is in the cards for you this summer, KubWipes Mini Box is still the perfect companion to take with you on your daily commute. 100% premium cotton is eco-friendly and perfect to dry your tears while you scroll through all your friends’ vacation pics on the way to work, mop up that coffee spill in your car and absorb sweat when your boss asks why that project isn’t completed. Use them wet to cleanse skin from dirt and pollution, remove makeup or freshen up any time of day. The extra-large, and durable wipes won’t break apart with vigorous scrubbing, and the silky, soft 100% cotton will caress your skin and leave you feeling clean and fresh to get on with your day!