The Story Behind Our Launch And How Covid-19 Was A Catalyst For Us

Sometimes life makes us change plans without notice.
One day you wake up and suddenly everything around you has changed.
The routines you were used to no longer make sense, and you find yourself living a new reality. This new scenario forces us to rethink everything.
And so adapting is the best way to overcome adversity.

This is what has happened to us.

Quite suddenly, a few weeks ago, we woke up to a new reality on a global scale. A new virus had begun to spread to all corners of the planet, forcing billions of people to reinvent their habits and thousands of businesses to reinvent their strategies and rethink their operations.

At KubWipes we have been developing our flagship product, the 100% Premium Pure Cotton Dry Wipes for months, and preparing to land this product within the US market. However, everything changed that morning. And with no time to lament, instead of focusing on the problem, we decided to become part of the solution. We put all our energy into trying to take advantage of our relationships with factories and suppliers of wipes and other personal care and sanitary material, to change the direction of our priorities and focus on bringing a product that would be even more useful in an exceptional circumstance like the one we were - and are - experiencing.

With an increasing need to deep clean our homes, environments and ourselves, and in the face of a global shortage of this type of product -with shipping delays skyrocketing to weeks and even months on the largest platforms- we put our machinery into operation and we mobilized all of our contacts to develop, manufacture, and ship as many of the 75% Alcohol Wipes to the United States as quickly as possible.

And that's how instead of prioritizing our efforts on our famous Dry Wipes, we gave way to our new Alcohol Wipes first. A product that will help keep your home and hands clean.

We cannot promise that we will have enough stock for everyone, but we have been working tirelessly for weeks to supply our wipes to the greatest number of people. And so we will continue until all this madness passes or, at least, is under control and we can all resume our lives.

In the meantime, we will continue to contribute our grain of sand and prepare the arrival of our Premium Pure Cotton Dry Wipes, a product that we believe you will love and that we are looking forward to you trying soon (psst! we recommend subscribing to our newsletter at the bottom of the page to be the first to know when we launch).

As we said at the beginning, sometimes life makes us change plans without notice.
But, as always, the important thing is how we react to these situations.
We are convinced that with all that is happening, we will come out stronger and more united.
In the meantime, let's remain safe and optimistic.