75% Alcohol Wipes - Multipurpose Cleaning

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75% alcohol wipes with Aloe Vera extract. Our skin-friendly, multipurpose wipes are here to help you perform a thorough cleansing of hands after using daily objects like electronics, devices, toys, home and office elements, and more.

Two bundle sizes:

  • 3 packs of 50 wipes per package + 3 packs of 10 wipes per travel package (180 Alcohol Wipes in total)
  • 6 packs of 50 wipes per package + 6 packs of 10 wipes per travel package (360 Alcohol Wipes in total).

Reinventing your cleansing routine.

When everything around us can be a potential host to threats to our health, it's always a good idea to have a deep cleansing option on hand, wherever you go. Introducing our 75% Alcohol Wipes, to help you perform a deep cleansing on hands your hands and objects.

Deep cleansing hands and objects is one of the most important things we can do to avoid some of the threats that exist around us. The problem is that we don't always do a great job of cleaning everything that can be a danger to our health. That is why we decided to find a better way for you and the planet.

Our alcohol wipes are a skin-friendly, simple but excellent product: soft, wet, and effective wipes with the perfect size and thickness to provide a deep cleansing, thanks to our 75% alcohol formula enhanced with Aloe vera extracts. A high-quality product that you will love to use every day and everywhere proper cleansing is required.

Recommended use:

Disposable wipes. For best results, use one wipe every time you need to clean something. Wipes can be used to clean hands and daily objects. Recommended use for cleaning your hands after using:

  • Devices
  • Objects
  • Toys
  • Office/Desk
  • School supplies
  • Pets
  • Car

Who are they for?

  • People who care about deep-cleansing their hands.
  • Individuals who value the importance of working in clean environments.
  • Parents and caregivers who want to ensure the deep cleanse of everything children or elders come into contact with.
  • Individuals who care about cleanliness and always carry wipes with them for use in public spaces or outdoors.
  • For emergencies when a cleansing wipe can give you peace-of-mind and/or there's no water and soap available.
  • Frequent travelers


Measurements: 5.9 x 7.9 inches / 15 x 20 cm.
Units per Pack: 50pcs / 10pcs.
Weight per box: 0.73 pounds + 0.17 pounds / 332 grams + 76 grams.
Ingredients: 75% plant-based ethanol alcohol with Aloe Vera extract.
Included in the Box: 3x or 6x 50 wipes packs for your home, office, or car + 3 packs or 6 packs of 10 portable wipes for your carry-on needs.



Soft but Powerful

Our wipes consist of 75% plant-based ethyl alcohol with extracts of Aloe Vera to ensure deep cleansing.


Plant-based Alcohol

Our wipes are a real alternative to cleaning products that can be toxic to the environment. Take care of your loved ones by guaranteeing deep cleansing, while taking care of the planet.



Made with non-woven fabric, our alcohol wipes are soft and perfect for daily cleansing and care for all.


More Than Clean

Our skin-friendly wipes are perfect for cleansing hands and daily objects.


Simple but Strong

Our 75% Alcohol Wipes basically consist of plant-based Alcohol, Purified Water and Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice. Multipurpose and suitable for hands and objects.