13 Uses for Wipes in Summer

We don’t know about you but we’re gearing up for the best summer ever. Sunny days, warm weather, cool treats, relaxation, and fun are what make summer such a memorable time of year. This year, don’t be caught off guard without your most useful buddy Kuby for clean and multipurpose care for you and your whole family. No matter your plans, make sure to take your KubWipes with you wherever you go. In case you’re stuck on just how helpful KubWipes can be, we’ve compiled another list of ways to use your KubWipes all summer long.😏

1. Clean off sand

We don’t know about you, but we absolutely HATE that gritty feeling left on our feet and skin after a trip to the beach. Even if you wash off at the public showers, you’ll inevitably still have to walk through sand again, and the gritty feeling won’t go away. Take a tip from us and while your skin is still dry, use KubWipes to dust off all the excess sand. Our soft and textured wipes are flexible and large to dust off all the sand between your toes, behind your ears and any other stuck-on spots. Bonus* the perforated box insert makes for the perfect bookmark for your summer beach read!

2. Absorb sweat

Whether you’re going for a run, hiking a trail, or just sipping cocktails in the sun, summer can be a sweaty time of year. Use KubWipes to absorb excess sweat, grime and shine from your skin. Our 100% natural cotton wipes are extra-large for maximum surface coverage, and the 3D dot quilting is thick enough to absorb sweat from your face and body without clogging pores with unnecessary ingredients and fillers. Use them dry or wet them with just a bit of water to completely freshen and cleanse your skin of pore-clogging oil and dirt. 

3. Apply products to your skin

Hate the sticky feeling of aloe vera on your hands? Use a wipe to apply it. Don’t want greasy hands after slathering sunscreen on your skin? Use a wipe. Unlike other wipes, our wipes come dry so you can use them with your own products. Our 100% cotton wipes have a smooth side that works great for applying products to the skin so less product is stuck on your hands and more is applied where you want it. 

4. Remove products from your skin

If you can use our wipes to apply products, you can also use them to take them off! Did you cannonball into the pool and now your mascara is running down your face? Grab a wipe and wipe it off. Do you feel grimy and sticky after a long day at the beach? Use a KubWipes wipe wet with water to take off your sunscreen. KubWipes’ 3D dot texture is flexible and ultrasoft to gently remove creams and lotions, makeup, dirt, excess oil and sweat from your skin. The large wipes can even be used, rinsed, and reused. Now that’s what we call useful.

5. Freshen up

When you just can’t seem to cool down grab a KubWipes 100% cotton wipe and wet it with cool water. Press it onto the back of your neck, forehead, chest (or even swipe it over your intimate areas), and let the silky soft texture cool you down. Because our wipes are 100% natural, you don’t have to worry about any skin-irritating ingredients on delicate areas of your body. 

6. Relieve sunburn

Most of us head to the pool or beach to seek that coveted summer glow, but if you wind up looking more like a tomato and less like a bronzed goddess then take our advice and grab your KubWipes to relieve painful, sunburned or peeling skin. Our wipes are fragrance-free, chemical-free, hypoallergenic, ultra-soft and 100% natural dry cotton so they won’t irritate your skin. You can use them dipped in just water to soothe your skin or add your favorite natural aloe vera and gently wipe or press all over your sunburned areas. Make your own soothing wipes ahead of time by dampening some wipes with aloe vera, putting them in a zippered plastic bag, and sticking them in the fridge or freezer for when you need them!

7. At a picnic

Wipe sticky hands, wipe sticky faces, clean up spills, and more. KubWipes 100% cotton multipurpose wipes are perfect to use on the whole family. With no added chemicals and a durable, flexible and large design, you can use and reuse KubWipes to clean up any mess big or small. The soft and biodegradable cotton is great to have on hand for days out in the park when you need a disposable solution that’s more durable than a tissue, but not as large as a giant paper towel roll. Better than baby wipes, our wipes are 100% natural, fragrance-free and safe to use on all skin types. Don’t leave home without them!

8. At the pool

Are your kids constantly complaining that their goggles are dirty? Grab a 100% cotton KubWipes wipe to clean off the lenses. The flexible and durable design allows you to clean in even the most hard-to-reach crevices of goggles, nose clips, snorkel gear and more. Wet a wipe with your favorite alcohol-based sanitizer for a superior clean. No more mildew or gross bacteria growth on your pool gear. 

9. Air travel

Catching a plane for your summer holiday? After hours of travel, long flights and connecting airports, nothing feels better than a little freshening up with your KubWipes. The KubWipes Mini Box is the perfect size to toss in your hand luggage for makeup removal, facial and body cleansing, or as a handy cloth to clean up spills while traveling. The ultra-soft and 100% natural cotton comes in a dry format so you can decide whether you need an absorbent dry wipe or clean and natural wet wipe when you’re away from home.  

10. Car travel 

Do you have a roll of paper towels or dozens of take-out napkins stuffed into your glove compartment? Take it from us, the only handy wipes you need on your next car trip are KubWipes 100% cotton dry wipes. Not only are KubWipes handy for spills, messy faces, and cleaning carsick accidents, but they’re also great to have on hand when you get to your destination and realize you forgot your makeup remover or facial cleanser. Ultra-soft and durable cotton is delicate on any skin type from newborn to elderly and doesn’t have any added chemicals or fragrances to irritate your skin. (The fighting kids in the back are doing enough of that already!😜)

11. Hiking/Camping

Do you love hiking, camping and the great outdoors? Make sure to take KubWipes with you on your next adventure. The disposable design is perfect to help you pack light and the all-natural and 100% cotton is biodegradable so you don’t have to worry about your carbon footprint.* KubWipes are multipurpose which means you can use them to absorb sweat, remove your makeup, clean your face, wash your body or as intimate wipes, or just as a handy cloth to wipe off that marshmallow that’s stuck to your hand from your s’more. Whatever you need, KubWipes are durable enough to stand up to the task!

*100% cotton is biodegradable and should decompose within 1 week to 5 months. Please compost responsibly.

12. Pets 

If you have a furry family member, KubWipes are the best wipe ever to help keep your pal clean. Chemical and fragrance free cotton is perfect to clean tear ducts, muzzles, paws and bums after walks or play. Our wipes are 100% natural so they won’t irritate your pet’s skin and can be used wet or dry without ripping or falling apart. Just make sure you keep them out of reach of your pet, as we’d hate to see Kuby’s cute face ripped apart if your pet gets hold of the recyclable cardboard box.😜

13. Baby wipes

We don’t like to call ourselves a baby wipes company because KubWipes are so much more than that, but we have to include this use on our summer list. So many moms (and plenty of other people) depend on baby wipes for pretty much everything! Once you get used to keeping wipes on hand, you never go back! But ordinary baby wipes are far from pure. They’re premoistened with chemicals, fragrances and preservatives which are not natural or good for your skin at all. KubWipes 100% natural cotton dry wipes are the only pure wipes. Use them dry or wet them with a bit of water for the ultimate clean. KubWipes are chemical-free, fragrance-free and hypoallergenic so they won’t harm even the most sensitive newborn skin. Use them to clean your little one’s face and mouth, hands, bottom, and all their stuff. The ultra-soft cotton caresses their skin without any redness or irritation like other brands. Also, your little one will love to look at our adorable mascot Kuby while you change them. 

Whether you’re staying close to home or have plans to travel, KubWipes are the best wipes to take with you wherever life takes you. We’ve shown you 13 ways you can use KubWipes this summer but if you’re still not convinced that KubWipes are the best wipes ever, then read through some of our 7000+ 5-star reviews of why people are falling in love with 100% natural cotton dry wipes by KubWipes. Hit subscribe and follow us on social media for weekly skincare hacks, news, promotions and giveaways and to learn even more about the wipes we all love.