Our Story

KubWipes was born out of the idea that remarkable personal care products don't need to mean expensive, ultra-complex products. We aim to offer simplified products that work better than traditional options.

After producing millions of wipes for babies through our parent company Küb, we took the lessons learned to provide you with a simple but outstanding product for the whole family: a natural, premium-cotton, ultra-soft, dry wipe that is the perfect size and thickness to clean your skin and get you prepared for your day, or night. 

We focus on quality over quantity and always try to deliver an unparalleled customer experience. Every KubWipes piece is crafted with pure, premium cotton and has been designed to exceed even our own exceptional standards.

A high-quality and eco-friendly product you will love to use every day.

About Küb

We are part of Küb, a family-oriented brand that offers the best baby products for parents to take care of their loved ones in the most convenient, smart, and joyful way. 

We are inspired by good design, bold ideas, and our desire to have a positive impact on the lives of families around the world.

We evoke parents to simplify their family life by offering innovative, well-designed products to help them enjoy what we call Smart Parenting —the art of becoming extraordinary parents and finding joy in the process while raising confident, motivated, and inspired kids. Taking care of our loved ones shouldn't be such a stressful or challenging duty. Happy, unstressed parents are more likely to raise happy children; our goal from the beginning.

Now, after thousands of products delivered to happy parents for their children around the globe, we think it's the right time to create and offer some of our best products for the rest of the family. And that's how KubWipes came to be; a product for the whole family to enjoy the best personal care.