5 Reasons to Choose Our Wipes over the Alternatives

When it comes to selecting personal care items, everyone has their favorite brand. When supply chains were disrupted at the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, people were disappointed to find their favorite items were not available and they had to purchase whatever was left in stock. (If they could even get their hands on any at all! Beggars can´t be choosers, am I right?) But what about the times when you DO have a choice? Are you sold on pretty packaging or snazzy marketing ploys? Are you the bargain hunter buying whatever is on sale that week? Maybe you’re a loyal customer of the same, tried and true brand for generations? Whatever you decide, you have a choice in what products you bring into your home and into your life. What you choose to buy and use on a daily basis affects you personally so it´s only natural you should be choosy!

Why choose us?

Selecting products to bring into your home and daily routines can sometimes seem stressful. Is this product easy to use? Is it good quality? Is it toxic? Is it expensive? Is it easy to buy refills when I´m out of stock? How does this impact the environment? At KubWipes, we’ve done all the hard work for you. Here’s why KubWipes 100% premium Cotton Dry Wipes, wipe out all the alternatives. 😉

Because we´ve been there, done that.

Did you know KubWipes has been making wipes for years? Well, sort of. KubWipes is part of the company Kub which has been making millions of baby wipes for years in other parts of the world. When our founding team decided to branch into new territory, it seemed only natural that everyone could benefit from personal cleansing wipes. Not just babies.

Because we love the earth.

These days, being eco-friendly isn’t a trend; it’s a way of life. We only get one planet and it’s our job as producers to create ecological products that our customers can feel good about choosing to use. Our 100% premium Cotton Dry Wipes are made with all-natural cotton, a fast renewable resource, unlike paper-based products that contribute to global deforestation. Our dry wipes are pure, which means no toxic chemicals are being produced and subsequently tossed away to infect our environment. KubWipes are biodegradable so you can feel good about giving your skin the cleanest clean without harming the planet.

Because sometimes less is more.

Pure, 100% premium, soft, cotton. No fragrance. No chemicals. No hidden ingredients. Why mess with something naturally perfect? Cotton is the perfect mixture of strength, flexibility, and softness to cleanse even the most delicate skin. The #1 thing people love most about Cotton Dry Wipes is their size and texture. The 100% premium cotton feels soft and silky against the skin. No fear of fluff left behind.

But wait, cotton pads are 100% cotton too, right? When it comes to ingredients, we agree. Less is more. But when it comes to size, sometimes more is more. 😉

Ordinary cotton cleansing pads are, let´s face it, tiny. Most people need to use several during their morning and nighttime cleansing routines just to cleanse the face, whereas a single Cotton Dry Wipe can go a lot further. One wipe is strong enough to scrub an entire face free of makeup, dirt, and oil and still absorb mess around your sink. Take that, tiny cotton pads.

Because we need the cleanest clean.

We all have the same basic needs. Maslow had something to say about that right? Food, water, shelter, you get the idea. Our need to be clean is not only a feeling but an actual sanitary and health concern in current times. With deadly viruses and bacteria circulating the planet, we need to know that our cleansing routines are flawless. That damp towel hanging in the bathroom is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. Not only that, but towels are notorious for harboring bad odors and humidity that can lead to mildew and mold. Unlike towels, Cotton Dry Wipes are antibacterial and antifungal. Using a fresh, clean wipe on your face and body ensures that you´re getting the cleanest clean.

Because we need convenience.

In our busy lives, things sometimes slip through the cracks. You forgot to call your mother on her birthday. Oops! You run out of toilet paper. Double oops. We get it. It happens. When you need convenience in your daily life, KubWipes is there. Sign up for the KubWipes subscription and you can select how often and how much product we send, directly to you, without having to remember to add yet another item to your growing to-do list. Convenient, fresh, wipes right to your door so you can get on with your day. Don´t sweat it. We´ve got you.

Let´s face it. KubWipes are the clear winner compared to alternatives for personal cleansing wipes. They´re softer, thicker, cleaner, purer, and more convenient than any other alternative. I mean come on, is it even a choice? 😜

Thicker than a tissue. Cleaner than a towel. Softer than paper. America’s preferred wipes.