7 Myths About Cotton Wipes and Why They Aren’t True

Myth 1: Wipes are for babies.

Not true! KubWipes Natural Cotton Dry Wipes are for EVERYONE. Large, soft and durable cotton wipes can be used to wash your face, dry your skin, absorb sweat, remove makeup, wipe off your counter and of course even wipe little tushies.  Why should babies get all that soft goodness to themselves? Our 100% pure, premium cotton is perfect for sensitive skin, normal skin, acne-prone skin, mature skin, dry skin, combination skin, and every color of skin in between! KubWipes don’t discriminate. 

Myth 2: Cotton wipes are bad for the environment.

Not true! KubWipes Natural Cotton Dry Wipes are made from pure, 100% premium cotton, a fast renewable resource, and because 100% cotton is biodegradable, guess what? So are our wipes! So if you’re the composting type, throw your wipes in with your rotting veggies and black banana peels and set your eco-friendly mind at ease. You’re helping save the planet one cotton wipe at a time.  

Myth 3: Regular cloth towels do the same job as cotton wipes and are more eco-friendly.

Not true! We have a long post about why towels aren’t great for sensitive or acne-prone skin here, but really they’re not ideal for any face! 100% Natural Cotton Dry Wipes come in a handy box that keeps them clean and hygienic so each time you need a soft facial towel or washcloth, you have a clean and fresh one ready to go. Are towels really eco-friendly? Well let’s see, they get points for being reusable and washable, but towels are pretty gross and need heavy-duty cleaning to keep them truly hygienic. Your facial towel hanging in the bathroom is accumulating bacteria and mildew, the towel you throw in your gym bag is harboring odors and germs, and ALL towels need to be washed and dried regularly (more regularly than you think) at high temperatures to kill germs and bacteria. Washers and dryers use electricity and water to run which adds to our carbon footprint, we wash towels with detergents and fabric softeners which can leach chemicals into the environment, (and let’s not mention the giant plastic bottles they come in) 😬…so hey, let’s stop saying towels are more eco-friendly than cotton wipes. Mmk? 

Myth 4: Makeup remover wipes need to be pre-saturated to work.

Not true! If you haven’t tried our 100% Natural Cotton Dry Wipes yet, then you don’t know what you’re missing. The textured cotton helps gently remove makeup with just water! No added preservatives or toxins needed. Our plant-based wipes are paraben-free, fragrance-free, non-toxic, hypoallergenic and perfect for all skin types. When wet, KubWipes transform into silky-textured cloths, perfect for removing every last inch of makeup. Unlike other brands that infuse a bunch of chemicals and preservatives to maintain their shelf life, KubWipes are pure and dry. Because they’re dry, they can’t dry out, (duh!) and not only that, you can add your own preferable products to the wipes rather than settle for whatever junk the pre-moistened wipes come with. Have you ever read the ingredients in those wipes? Eek! For tips on how to move your makeup correctly, (Hint: a lot of us are doing it wrong!) check out our full blog post How to Correctly Remove Makeup.

Myth 5: Cotton pads work the same and are cheaper. 

Not true! Let’s start with the size. Cotton rounds are tiny so it’s highly doubtful you can get by with just one. How many do you need to use in your skincare routine? Cotton rounds, disks, pads or any other similar product, usually run about $0.02-$0.03 per disk and tend to leave little tiny pieces of fluff in their wake. We don’t know about you, but we can’t stand those tiny hairs stuck to our faces and eyelashes. Let’s say conservatively you use 2-3 in your makeup removal routine. (Very conservatively) That works out to be the same price as a single KubWipe which can do so much more! One large, 100% Natural Cotton KubWipe has the strength and durability to scrub your entire face clean of makeup, dirt and oil and still absorb mess around your bathroom sink. Can your tiny cotton pad do that? Didn’t think so. 

Myth 6: Tissues, paper towels and towels do the same thing.

Not true! Tissues are flimsy and disintegrate when wet. They can’t be used to wash your face or apply products without leaving little bits of tissue all over. Paper towels are absorbent but rough on the skin and made from paper which contributes to global deforestation. We’ve already mentioned how dirty cloth towels actually are and they’re not very soft on blemished or broken skin. Cotton is the perfect mixture of strength, flexibility, and softness to cleanse, absorb liquids, and apply products. People are surprised by the versatility of KubWipes Natural Cotton Dry Wipes and it’s easy to see why they quickly become essential in any personal care routine. 

Myth 7: KubWipes are a luxury item made for beauty influencers and not regular people like me. 

Not true. KubWipes are for EVERYONE. Did we mention that before? 😜 Whether you’re a beauty blogger, gym rat, office worker, parent, acne sufferer, or just your average Joe, these wipes are for you. And your sister, and your best friend and your cousin…😁 you get the idea. If you’re still unsure if KubWipes 100% Natural Cotton Dry Wipes would be useful in your life, we urge you to read through some of the thousands of honest five-star reviews real customers like you have written! (They’ve got us blushing!) ☺ You’ll see that our wipes far surpass any other similar product on the market at very economical prices, and they are fast becoming a must-have item in personal care routines across America.  

Stop believing the myths and start experiencing the amazing quality of the #bestwipesever. To learn more ways to use KubWipes 100% Natural Cotton Dry Wipes follow our social media channels or subscribe to our newsletter for discounts, beauty and skincare hacks, and news about all our products. 

Thicker than a tissue. Cleaner than a towel. Softer than paper. America’s preferred wipes.