8 Reasons You Need KubWipes to Help You Remove Your Halloween Makeup

It’s that time of year again. Halloween, trick or treat, haunted houses, and costume parties galore, and once again we get to dress up in costume and let loose. Are you going as a scary zombie complete with bloody gashes and open wounds? Maybe you’re throwing a Día de Los Muertos party complete with full-on skeleton chic makeup? Or maybe you’re going the fantasy route with fairy face paint and gobs of body glitter. Whatever you choose to transform into this Halloween, Kubwipes 100% Cotton Wipes are here to help you take off your makeup without damaging your skin at the end of the night. 

We’ve gathered the top 8 reasons why KubWipes are the best choice to help you remove your Halloween makeup, because waking up to a post-party breakout is more disturbing than the zombie makeup you spent hours putting on. 

1. KubWipes are 100% cotton DRY wipes.

First and foremost, unlike other wipes, KubWipes 100% Natural Cotton Wipes are pure, certified cotton, and DRY! No carcinogenic chemicals. No parabens. No skin-irritating ingredients. Nothing but pure, premium cotton grown in the USA with the highest standards and certifications. Your skin deserves only the best! Because our wipes come dry, they are perfect to use with just water or any product you choose. That means you pick what’s best for your skin type and specific makeup removal! 

Costume makeup tends to be super thick, and oil-based which helps it stay on all night, but girl, it definitely doesn’t make your job of removing it any easier after that killer party. Check our graphic below for the best at-home solutions for each embellishment of your cool getup. 

*Remember to remove all glued embellishments like false lashes, gory gashes, prosthetic horns, and adhesive gems before you start working on your skin.

2. KubWipes are soft and gentle. 

KubWipes 100% Natural Cotton Dry Wipes are extremely soft and gentle on your skin. Made with only 100% certified USA premium cotton; our wipes are the best option for all skin types. Our wipes have two different textured sides to help cleanse your face thoroughly and remove every last trace of makeup. 

Use the dry, smooth, side to apply your own products like micellar water or fix makeup smudges and the soft, premium cotton that caresses your skin, doesn’t feel scratchy or rough and doesn’t leave behind any annoying fuzzies. 

The pearl textured side is great for cleansing to gently scrub away caked-on makeup, dirt, and debris from your face. When used wet, a KubWipes wipe transforms into a silky smooth cloth that helps erase every last smudge of makeup off your face without leaving behind sticky chemical residue and without irritating sensitive, blemished or broken skin. 

3. KubWipes are large.

KubWipes are the best wipes to remove all your makeup and cleanse your face because they are extra-large. Clean more with fewer wipes. Larger than most wipes on the market, 100% Natural Cotton Dry Wipes can remove all your makeup, cleanse your face, and even clean up around your sink when you’re finished. Tiny cotton disks definitely can’t do all that! When you remove your makeup with cotton disks you need like 45 (ok, maybe we’re exaggerating a bit but you get the point) just to do the job of 1 large, clean KubWipes wipe. Don’t waste another cotton disk. Grab a KubWipes wipe and be done!  

4. KubWipes are flexible.

Along with being large and soft, KubWipes are the best makeup removing wipes because they’re flexible! Wrap your index finger with a wipe and you can really get into all the creases of your skin to remove every last speck of makeup. Wet a wipe with water, coconut oil, or micellar water and in no time at all remove makeup from your hairline, nose crease, tear ducts, eyelash line, under your chin, and behind your ears. (Yes, there’s probably makeup, glitter and dirt behind your ears too, so clean them!)

5. KubWipes are durable. 

Did we mention how durable KubWipes are? Thicker and stronger than a tissue, 100% Natural Cotton Dry Wipes won’t tear or disintegrate when wet like tissues. You can tug and pull and our strong and durable wipes won’t rip apart. Use them to remove your makeup, cleanse your face, and then as a rag to clean up after the party. Now, that’s what I call handy.   

6. KubWipes are reusable. 

This leads us to our next point. Because our wipes are so strong and durable, they’re also reusable! Get them wet, wipe off the first thick layer of costume makeup, then rinse and repeat! Our wipes can be used, rinsed, and wrung out over and over again until all your makeup has been thoroughly removed. Forget about wasting an entire pack of makeup remover wipes or hundreds of tiny cotton disks, one KubWipes wipe can do it all! 

7. KubWipes are portable. 

Going out for trick or treat or an out of town party? Not sleeping at home tonight? Not a problem. KubWipes are convenient and portable. Grab a Mini Box to-go or take a few wipes from your large box in your purse and you have the perfect makeup remover wipes and handy cleanup cloths no matter where you plan to lay your head tonight…but if it’s a creepy cabin in the woods rented by a guy named Jason…don’t forget to lock the door. 😉 

8. KubWipes are disposable. 

And the last but not least reason KubWipes are the perfect choice to remove your makeup is that they’re disposable! Stop worrying about ruining all your good towels with oily makeup stains and grab a KubWipes wipe. KubWipes are made with 100% eco-friendly cotton which is a fast-renewable resource and biodegradable. Use them, rinse them, reuse them and wipe away all that makeup, then toss out the dirty cloth and be done! No messy laundry stains and no extra work. (Washing off all that costume makeup was enough work!) 

If you’re still not convinced that KubWipes are the best makeup removing wipes to have on hand this Halloween, read through some of our 6000 5-star reviews and see why people are loving our wipes! Then go grab yourself a Mini Box for only $1.99 to try them out for yourself and see why KubWipes are a must-have beauty item for cleansing and makeup removal.