Born in the USA: KubWipes 100% Cotton Dry Wipes

Did you know that KubWipes are made with 100% Cotton USA™ and we’re part of the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol®?

You’re probably thinking, what is that, and why should I care?

The U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol® is an independent third-party verification system that guarantees the sustainability, quality, transparency and premium-value of the cotton used in its members’ products. 
Basically, it assures buyers like you that the cotton used in your product has been sustainably and ethically grown in the USA with lower environmental impact, fair labor practices and less social risk than others. states that,

The U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol® is setting a new standard for more sustainably grown cotton…Aligned with the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals, the Trust Protocol brings quantifiable and verifiable goals and measurement to more sustainable cotton production and drives continuous improvement in six key sustainability metrics – land use, soil carbon, water management, soil loss, greenhouse gas emissions, and energy efficiency.

So, why do we care about the way our cotton is grown and produced?

KubWipes has made it its mission to be environmentally friendly both in product offerings and business practices, and not just a marketing buzz word to get you to buy things. We believe that creating premium and useful products doesn’t have to be bad for the environment. Now more than ever it is imperative for brands to be transparent with their business and labor practices, product ingredients and sustainability, not just as a trend, but to work together toward a brighter future for our planet.

KubWipes, where “eco-friendly” isn’t just a marketing slogan, but a daily practice. 

It is our job as brands to be held accountable for every step of the supply chain of our products. As a member of The U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol®, we ensure that the cotton we use has been sustainably grown with a circular lifecycle and less environmental impact than other materials, and it also ensures that the labor practices from the production of raw materials all the way to the final end product of your soft, premium 100% cotton wipe socially and ethically exceed expectations. states “U.S. cotton is a strong and natural fiber. It’s grown according to the highest sustainability standard and biodegrades quickly. From the start of its life cycle to the finish, cotton is the better choice for the environment.”

KubWipes 100% premium-cotton dry wipes are made from 100% Cotton USA™ with no chemical additives. Just premium, soft, and durable cotton. That’s why KubWipes are eco-friendly, vegan and cruelty-free, biodegradable, family-friendly, and the best choice for multipurpose wipes for you and your family. 
Make the switch to KubWipes 100% Natural Cotton Dry Wipes and start making better choices for your skin care and for the planet.


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