How to Stay Clean This Summer

Most summers our biggest worries are how to stay cool on hot days and avoid sunburn and weird tan lines. While this summer those worries are still present, we also have the added stress of a world pandemic to ripen our fears of travel, social gatherings, and all-around summer fun. What to do when we want to get back to normality, but also want to stay safe? How can we stay clean and safe while enjoying our favorite summertime activities?

While the CDC recommends washing hands thoroughly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, realistically that’s not always feasible when we’re out and about and on the go. Sanitizing hand-gels were created for well, hands, so what about everything else? KubWipes is here to help keep you and all your stuff clean! We’ve rounded up our 7 favorite ways to use KubWipes 75% Alcohol Wipes to help keep your family fresh and clean this summer.

Clean your hands

We should always wash our hands thoroughly before eating or touching our faces, but what do we do when we’re in an outdoor space where soap and water aren’t readily available? 75% Alcohol Cleansing Wipes are the perfect way to thoroughly clean your hands with plant-based alcohol and leave them feeling fresh and soothed with Aloe vera extract. Sanitizing hand-gels cause irritation and quite frankly sting when applied. Our 75% Alcohol Wipes are powerful enough to clean dirt and grime, while also gentle and soothing to use on delicate skin and leave skin feeling soft and cleansed. At your next barbecue, picnic, or clam bake, make sure to take KubWipes with you to give your hands a thorough cleaning before and after handling food and eating. Say goodbye to sticky barbecue fingers, smelly clam bake digits, or gummy dessert hands. Our disposable wipes are convenient and will keep you clean wherever you need them.

Clean outdoor toys

Whether you’re a single guy living in the city, or a family of five in the ‘burbs, you probably have one or two “toys” in your outdoor space. Bikes, summer sports equipment like baseball bats, kayaks, surfboards, skateboards, scooters, heck even pogo sticks (whatever dude!) all collect dirt and grime. Make sure the equipment you’re using is extra clean this summer by wiping it down with 75% Alcohol Cleansing Wipes. Just take a wipe and swipe over handlebars, grips, handles, oars, and other high contact surface areas to ensure a deep clean on all your favorite outdoor objects.

Clean outdoor electronics

Electronics are delicate and extremely difficult to deep clean because well, they’re electronic. 😉 Since cleaning with soap and water or other spray solutions is out, we recommend taking a 75% Alcohol Cleansing Wipe to swipe over keypads, touchscreens, outdoor sound systems, drones, fans (while they’re turned off of course) remotes and any other outdoor electronic devices a techie might have. You can rest assured that all your favorite devices will be meticulously clean from the power of 75% plant-based alcohol.  

Clean pool equipment

Pool areas are notorious for being dirty, bug attracting, and germ-collecting areas. Whether your pool is a luxurious in-ground masterpiece, a blowup kiddie pool, or a shared resident pool, it could be a hotspot for germs to grow. Some people think that chlorine kills any germs that might be hiding, but that’s when chlorine and PH levels are properly monitored within the water. What about all the external items we use in and around the water? Large items like pool floats and lounge chairs should be regularly cleaned to avoid germs and mold growth. 75% Alcohol Cleansing Wipes are made from plant-based alcohol and handy for quick and easy cleaning of smaller personal items like goggles, snorkels, nose clips, pool noodles, armbands, and kickboards. The unique formula will ensure a deep clean of regularly used items that touch the face and should be cleaned between each use. The CDC recommends avoiding sharing any objects outside of your family when possible and deep cleaning between uses when not.

Clean party supplies

Having barbecues and picnics are some of the most anticipated events of summer. Cold drinks, shared food and good times with friends and family are always enjoyable. This summer, staying safe and clean at outdoor events is especially on our minds. We already know to be vigilant with sun exposure, mosquitos and water safety, but now we must also be vigilant with things we touch. At your next outdoor social gathering, grab your pack of 75% Alcohol Wipes to give a wipe down of commonly touched areas and items. Some places that could use a good wipe could be the cooler full of beverages, the picnic table, cans, bottles and condiments, and any shared serving utensils. Make sure to keep wipes away from any open flames and out of direct sunlight. KubWipes will give you peace of mind knowing you’re doing everything to keep your family and friends clean and fresh this summer, even if your Aunt Betsy isn’t the best at social distancing.  

Clean on vacation

Summertime is usually the time of year when folks have time off work and school to zip off on vacation. If you’re one of the lucky ones to enjoy a vacation outside your home then 75% Alcohol Wipes will keep your family fresh and clean wherever you go. Take KubWipes with you in the car and in your travel bag to wipe down surfaces and devices when you’re on the go. Grab a wipe to clean hard surfaces in airports, on the plane, in your car, at a restaurant or at your vacation rental or hotel. Knowing the plant-based alcohol is cleaning surfaces your family touches will give you peace of mind and keep you fresh and clean while traveling.  

Clean your pet

Just like humans love to get out in the fresh air and sunshine of summer, so do our pets. Keep your furry pal (and your home) clean and safe this summer by using 75% Alcohol Wipes on your pet’s paws. Our lovable buddies don’t wear shoes that they can leave at the door after spending time running around in the dirt, grass, and mud. Wiping down your pet’s paws with soothing Aloe Vera Extracts and clean 75% Alcohol will ensure dirt and impurities stay outside your home and away from your family. Our wipes are plant-based, safe & certified, and suitable for delicate skin and paws.

At KubWipes we put health and safety as a priority for all our products and customers. We’ve created products we’re proud to share with the world to make life easier and more convenient for busy people. 75% Alcohol Wipes are the perfect wipes for cleansing on the go. Our wipes were made to thoroughly clean multiple surfaces, objects, and hands so you can stop stressing over cleaning and start enjoying your summer.

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*Please make sure to read all package instructions and guidelines before use and keep away from open flames or direct sunlight. Discontinue use if irritation or allergic reaction occurs.