What are Cotton Dry Wipes? 6 Ways to Revolutionize Your Skin Care

What are Cotton Dry Wipes and how can we use them in our hectic daily lives? Here´s the scoop on the incredibly soft, and eco-friendly wipes that are revitalizing healthy skincare

Our Dry Wipes are an eco-friendly, personal care product made from 100% pure, premium cotton. They are simple but effective wipes used for daily facial cleansing. They´re thicker than a tissue so they won´t rip or tear. These plant-based, biodegradable wipes are cleaner than a used, germ-infested towel with a convenient pull-out package. They´re softer than paper, made with dual-layered premium cotton…and they´re about to reinvent your skincare routine.

You need these wipes in your life.

These Cotton Dry Wipes are kicking tiny cotton pads and smelly, old washcloths to the curb, and changing the way people think about personal care products.  They´re cleaner than clean. Our eco-friendly wipes are made with natural, premium, 100% cotton and are free from harsh chemicals that damage the skin and the environment. They´re the perfect size and thickness to cleanse your skin and get you going day, or night.

But don´t think these wipes are only used for facial cleansing routines. Our wipes are super versatile and can be used just about anywhere. Let´s talk about our 6 favorite ways to use Cotton Dry Wipes every day.


    Ever wonder why your gym bag stinks? That towel you use to mop up sweat at the gym or post-workout is most likely harboring odor-causing bacteria. I know, gross! Cotton Dry Wipes are the perfect wipe to take with you to keep you fresh and clean on the go. The 100% plant-based, premium cotton is extra absorbent, antibacterial, antifungal, and perfect for all active lifestyles. Translation: say goodbye to odors and bacteria, and say hello to freshness. 


      Got that jetsetter lifestyle? For people who travel frequently, Cotton Dry Wipes are a must-have. Take along with you in the car or in your travel bag to have a convenient wipe wherever life takes you. Coffee spilled in the car? Use a wipe. Sand stuck on well, everything after that beach vacay? Dust off with a wipe. Missed connection has you stranded in an airport all day? Freshen up with a wipe. Made with dual-layered, premium cotton, our extra-resistant Dry Wipes are there to help you feel clean when you need them most.

      Makeup Removal

      Skincare matters. Using harsh chemicals on delicate areas of the face and neck is never recommended, but sometimes a splash of water won´t cut it when it comes to removing creams and makeup from your face. Our soft and silky Dry Wipes are the perfect size and texture to give your skin that fresh and clean sensation without all the harsh ingredients. Just take a wipe, wet it with water, and softly cleanse your skin moving in circular motions around your face and neck until all makeup is removed. Use a second wipe to dry skin for that extra-clean feeling. When you´re finished drying your face, use the wipe to clean around your sink and counter before tossing…because let´s be honest, you know it needs it. Dry wipes will save you time and stress in your morning or nighttime routine.

      Baby Care

        Got an adorable little tot in your life? That cute little baby can make not so cute messes that need cleaning up. Why not use a chemical-free, cozy-soft wipe on your little love? Made with only pure, 100% premium cotton fibers, and free from fragrance, liquids, and other skin-irritating ingredients, our Cotton Dry Wipes are pediatrician-recommended and gentle enough for sensitive little faces, bums, hands and all the not-so-little messes and spills in between. For extra cleaning power, wet with water before use. Their resistant, pure cotton fibers will stand up to any mess and give you peace of mind while taking care of your whole family. Just pull, wipe and toss. It´s that simple.


          Who can forget about the furry members of our families? Cotton Dry Wipes aren´t just for the humans in your life, but perfect for your four-legged companions as well. After a walk, bathroom break, or even during bathtime, grab a wipe to clean off your pet’s face, paws, and behind, to keep your best bud and your home clean. Our safe and certified wipes are 100% plant-based, premium cotton, chemical-free, vegan, and cruelty-free, so you can feel secure in cleaning and protecting your furry best bud. 

          Facial Cleansing

          Okay, okay we said we were going to blow your mind with other ways to use dry wipes but we couldn´t leave out our favorite! It´s time to rev-up your morning routine. Want to get extra fresh and clean skin? Using Cotton Dry Wipes in your daily facial cleansing routine is the perfect way. Traditional cloth towels reused on our hands and faces are a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. Using a clean, fresh, Cotton Dry Wipe to wash and dry your face helps ensure your face is getting the cleanest clean. Simply wet a wipe with water and wipe away dirt and impurities on your face and neck. Use a second wipe to dry by lightly pressing it into the skin until excess moisture is removed. Don´t forget to use the wipes in your night routine too! Whether you´re heading to bed, prepping your skin for a facemask and binge of your favorite series, or heading out on the town, using our premium cotton Dry Wipes will get your skin ready. Oh, and your face will thank you.

          Cotton Dry Wipes are 100% plant-based, eco-friendly, biodegradable and safe for the whole family. Their perfect size and texture will leave your skin feeling silky soft and clean. Keep them handy at home or take them with you on the go. Your skin will thank you.

          Ready. Set. Wipe.