3 Things You Aren’t Cleaning... (and should be)

Whether you live alone or share your abode with a crew, there are plenty of things in your home that need cleaning. Laundry, dishes, bathrooms, floors, and surfaces are some of the common things on our minds when we’re going through our cleaning mental checklist, but we bet there are some spots in your home you forget about and are in desperate need of some cleaning TLC.

Right now you’re probably looking both ways like the kid who stole cookies from the cookie jar. Who me? Yes, you! 😜 It’s ok, we’re all friends here. It’s easy to let down our guard in our own homes and forget that many things we come into contact with on a daily basis can also be causing us harm if we don’t keep them clean. We’ve all gone a bit crazy with deep cleaning, ahem, or maybe just us? 😅But, here are a few things we bet you forgot to clean this week!

Here are 3 things you aren’t cleaning but should be.  

Your Keys

Unless you have an ultra-smart, voice-activated, keyless entry, chances are you have a set of keys for your home and car that you’re using on a daily basis. When was the last time you cleaned them? Keys are one of the first things we touch after being out in public and they’re also one of the last things cleaned. Keys these days are not exactly easy to clean as many car keys have keyless electronic starters that can’t get wet. The next time you pull out your keys, grab a 75% Alcohol Cleansing Wipe from KubWipes, and give each of your keys a good wipe down. The unique formula in our wipes is tough on germs but skin-friendly and gentle on your hands, with Aloe vera extract.

Your Keyboard

This next item is gross. One study from the University of Arizona found that keyboards harbor more bacteria than toilet seats. Yes, you read that right, toilet seats! 😲 In a time when many of us are working from home and doing online learning, now, more than ever we are glued to our computers for hours a day. The likelihood that you touch your face after touching your filthy keyboard is very high, and therein lays the problem and the root of transmission for many illnesses. Before you boot up your computer next time, do yourself a favor and grab a 75% Alcohol Wipe to thoroughly clean your laptop, or keyboard surface. Our durable and flexible wipes won’t rip or tear and are flexible enough to reach in between all 101 keys on your work surface to ensure a deep cleansing. Oh and ladies, that same study apparently found that your work surfaces tend to harbor more bacteria in general than men’s, 🤢 so get wiping!

Your Phone

This last one seems like a no brainer seeing as it’s an object we touch constantly and also touches our face, but we’re all guilty of phone neglect. That’s not to say we’re neglecting our phones, as our screen time apps would beg to differ, 😅 but rather neglecting their cleaning and care. On average, people are using their phones for work, news, leisure, and social interaction over four hours a day. With that much time spent touching a single device, it’s only natural it needs to be thoroughly cleaned. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends cleaning electronics like mobile phones, tablets, touch screens, and remote controls with alcohol-based wipes containing at least 70% alcohol. KubWipes 75% Alcohol Cleansing Wipes are the perfect balance of tough cleansing power and soft and silky Aloe vera extract that will leave all the devices in your life sparkly clean.

At KubWipes, we know it’s tough to keep up with all the cleaning that needs to get done on a daily basis which is why we created simple, convenient, and effective wipes to make your life just a little bit easier. Grab a pack of 75% Alcohol Cleansing Wipes and wipe the stress of cleaning away. Get your pack while supplies last!