5 Ways to Use Cleansing Dry Wipes for Men

Ladies and gentlemen, guys and gals, we have a product for you! Ugh! 😒 Don’t you hate when products are promoted specifically by gender? This shampoo has been “newly formulated” just for women. Oh, and it´s pink. Yay! 🎉 Huh? Don´t men have hair too? Look, ladies, a pink razor that costs 13% more than that same blue one. We promise it will shave the same, but it´s pink. Hooray! 💗 Wait, what? (We´ll save the soapbox chat about the “pink tax” for later) 😉 Guys, here is a rustic, masculine, forest scented body wash because society says you definitely shouldn´t smell like peaches. The bottle is black and the scent is called Titanium Blue. That´s “manly,” right? 🦾😎 We´ve all seen it, and most likely purchased something based on our supposed gender roles. Every time we go to the supermarket or drugstore, we are barraged with gender-specific choices for personal care. But why? Aren´t we all looking for the same thing? Healthy hair, clear skin, and basic, good hygiene?

At KubWipes, we decided to wipe away all those silly gender rules. We stand behind a personal care product that was created with EVERYONE in mind. We chatted about all the cool ways you can use KubWipes Cotton Dry Wipes in your life, HERE but we think the guys in the back haven´t quite caught on yet. 😉

So, here are 5 uses of 100% premium Cotton Dry Wipes for MEN. Cue the photos of rugged-looking guys to help you relate. 😜

1. Clean your face

Alright fellas, we´re on to you, and we know you creep in our toiletry bags. We see you rolling your eyes at our serums, moisturizers, cleansers, masks, and the list goes on. When you steal a cotton pad or borrow our tweezers and don´t put them back, WE KNOW. But hey, that´s ok. We´re willing to share.
100% premium, Cotton Dry Wipes are the perfect addition to any toiletry bag or “male” dopp kit, and quite frankly, you´re missing out if you´re not using them. The fragrance-free, chemical-free, pure cotton wipes are the way to go for extremely clean skin.  KubWipes size and texture are perfect to scrub away the dirt and impurities that build up on our skin throughout the day. Our wipes won´t break or tear when cleaning over rough skin or facial hair and the soft, woven cotton helps scrub the skin leaving it silky soft. Take a wipe and simply wet it, or apply your favorite (manly) cleanser and wipe away the toxins of the day.

2. Clean your body

Getting your sweat on, definitely does the body good, but buildup of sweat can lead to clogged pores, blemishes and odors. Using a fresh and clean KubWipe Cotton Dry Wipe to cleanse your skin of sweat and dirt can help keep your skin clear and smelling fresh. The all-natural, double-layered  100% cotton fibers are tough enough to stand up to vigorous wiping without ripping or tearing. Keep a box of KubWipes in your gym bag and get the cleanest clean after your workout.

3. Clean your best bud

We don´t mean Brian the guy from the gym, but hey if you want to clean him too, we´re not stopping you. We mean of course man´s best friend, the four-legged pets in our lives. Pure, cotton dry wipes are the perfect wipe to use to clean your dog´s eyes, muzzle, paws and behind properly and thoroughly without harming their sensitive puppy skin. Our wipes are pure premium cotton, 100% plant-based, fragrance-free, soap-free, lotion-free, paraben-free, petrolatum-free, phthalate-free, alcohol-free, hypoallergenic, and vegan & cruelty-free so you can feel safe in knowing you are cleaning your pet with the best.

4. Clean your car

Not everyone has the time or coin to drop on getting their cars detailed on the regular but on average it´s one of the places Americans spend the most time. Keep a box of KubWipes Cotton Dry Wipes in your car as a handy way to clean up on the go. Next time your to-go cup spills or you notice the layer of dust accumulating on the dashboard; you can grab a wipe and do a quick cleanup. Come on, you know it´s better than that used fast food napkin that you found in the glove compartment. 100% premium cotton wipes are thick and sturdy enough to stand up to any mess without tearing apart and their soft, woven cotton fibers attract dust and dirt caught in all the small crevices of your dashboard and because they´re dry there´s no risk of damaging any screens or electronics.

5. Clean your workspace

Whether you work from home or in an office, chances are your workspace could use a little freshening up. KubWipes 100% Cotton Wipes are chemical-free, dry and therefore safe to use on any and all electronics and work areas. Their soft, woven cotton fibers won´t scratch or damage your screens and devices and can easily get into keyboard crevices and hard to reach spaces better than a paper towel or cloth. KubWipes are also great for cleaning glasses, and won´t rip or tear like ordinary tissues, or leave behind residue when using glass cleaner.

Did we convince you yet? KubWipes are made for everyone. Men, women, kids, pets, surfaces and the list goes on. Grab a box and see for yourself how soft and handy KubWipes can be in your life.

Ready. Set. Wipe.