How to Clean your Baby (and all their stuff) using KubWipes

Ask any parent what the least enjoyable task of parenting is and chances are they will respond with “The Mess” with a capital M. (Worry and sleep deprivation probably take close second and third). Constantly cleaning up after our little ones can get exhausting. It seems like all hours of the day are spent tidying toys, mopping up spills and accidents, sweeping crumbs, cleaning up unfinished snacks and meals, dismantling explosive poos, laundering questionably stained clothing, and not to mention all the wiping. Oh, the wiping. We're wiping sticky hands, noses, mouths, and backsides All. The. Time…it’s enough to make any parent want to throw in the towel, literally.

Cleaning up after our children shouldn’t take over our lives. There is a simpler and more convenient way to clean up after little ones. KubWipes has created 2 revolutionary products to keep your loved ones clean and safe. 100% premium Cotton Dry Wipes and 75% alcohol wipes are here to save the day, or at least save you from big messes.

Here’s how to use KubWipes 100% Cotton Dry Wipes and 75% Alcohol Wipes on your little ones and all their stuff.

Wipe their bum

    Every parent knows that at some point you’re going to look at your child and think, “How can one tiny human make such a big mess?” Wiping little tushies isn’t the highlight of any parent’s day, but it’s a task that must be done. On top of the fact that wiping poo and other bodily fluids off of another human being is gross, parents also have the added delight of worrying about what products they’re using on their tot’s ultra-sensitive skin. That’s where we come in. KubWipes are unique, 100% premium cotton DRY wipes. What does that mean? It means they’re completely chemical-free, fragrance-free, soap-free, lotion-free, paraben-free, petrolatum-free, phthalate-free, alcohol-free, hypoallergenic, dermatologist approved, pediatrician recommended, all-skin-types friendly, suitable for newborns, suitable for sensitive skin, and vegan & cruelty-free. Wooh say that all in one breath! ;) Bottom line, with KubWipes you don´t have to worry about what´s touching your cutie’s sensitive skin. (pun intended 😋)

    Wipe their face

    If your kid hasn’t had a snotty nose, trail of spit-up, or red-faced spaghetti mouth; consider yourself extremely lucky. As for the rest of us, we’re used to our kids’ faces being snapshots of our current season of life…a little chaotic. Oh that runny nose and drool, yeah he's teething. Don’t mind the gooey hands, we´re baby-led weaning. It can actually be quite shocking how much mess, such a tiny person can make in such a short period of time. KubWipes dry wipes are plant-based and made with 100% premium cotton. They´re extra soft, so repeated wiping of eyes, mouth and nose won’t irritate sensitive baby skin. Their quilted double-layer is extra absorbent and stands up to any mess.

    Wipe their hands

    KubWipes 100% Cotton Dry Wipes are the perfect size and texture for wiping little hands. Babies and children use their hands to explore the world around them and learn. One of the first milestones a baby can reach is finding their hands…and subsequently shoving them in their mouth. 😅 From discovering the feel of your hairy dog to crawling around on dirty floors, naturally, their hands can get pretty dirty throughout the day. You don’t want all the dirt, germs and mess going into your child’s mouth nor do you want chemical residue from other pre-moistened wipes entering into your baby’s delicate system. Using a clean, 100% cotton wipe on those delicate little hands is the perfect way to clean up. Use them dry for superior absorbent power, or get an extra dose of cleansing power just by wetting with fresh water. Save the worry for something else because these wipes are pure.

    Now that we’ve talked about our pure, plant-based, biodegradable 100% premium cotton dry wipes and how they can clean up your little one’s big messes, let’s move on to a deeper clean. 

    Clean their hands

    Deep cleaning has become a big part of our lives with worldwide pandemics threatening the health and safety of our loved ones. Traditional soap and water to wash our hands aren’t always available, and many personal disinfectant products use a variety of harsh chemicals that are dangerous for our skin, our homes, and the environment. They even tell you on the package to make sure to wash your hands after use! 😯 At KubWipes we prefer to take the natural approach to deep cleaning and so we created a product that is safe for the whole family. Our safe, but powerful 75% Alcohol Wipes are simple, effective, and certified wipes that won't strip your skin or your baby’s, thanks to their enhanced formula with Aloe vera extract. The exclusive formula is safe and suitable for the whole family with a convenient pull-out package to wipe hands on the go.   

    Clean surfaces

    Eating out is always a little stressful with a little one in tow, but even more so when you have to worry about where you’re going and what your little one might be exposed to. Having 75% Alcohol Wipes on hand is the easiest and safest way to ensure surfaces that your little love touches are absolutely clean. Made with plant-based alcohol, our 75% Alcohol Wipes are a real alternative to cleaning products that can be toxic to our health and the environment. Feel secure in wiping down surfaces with a wipe to safely deep clean on the go.

    Clean their toys

    These days baby toys have all the bells and whistles, and we mean that literally. 😄 Long gone are the simple rattles of the past, and in their place are brightly colored, high-contrast patterned, noise-making toys to stimulate little brains. Many baby and children’s toys cannot be cleaned with traditional soap and water because they have batteries, are too big, or they have difficult to clean nooks and crannies. Using a plant-based 75% Alcohol Wipe is the easiest and safest way to ensure your child’s toys are getting the deep clean they most definitely need. The size and texture of KubWipes make them perfect to fit in all those hard to reach crevices. Grab a wipe and clean your child’s favorite belongings without worrying about toxic chemical residue being left behind. 

    Clean the stroller

    If you weren’t someone to remove your shoes before coming into the home before kids, you most likely do now. Having a baby crawl around on the floor makes us realize how dirty floors can be even in our own homes. Our shoes pick up all kinds of dirt and bacteria and no one wants to trudge those germs into their homes with babies toddling around. One item often overlooked when cleaning is of course the stroller. Our strollers go everywhere with us and then come into our homes, and unlike pacifiers and small toys, we rarely think to give our strollers a deep clean. KubWipes 75% Alcohol Wipes are the perfect way to keep the tray, harness and wheels of your stroller clean no matter where you go, so the next time Junior decides to chew on the straps you can have peace of mind it’s safe. 

    KubWipes give parents one less thing to worry about because they are the safest and cleanest wipes to use on the entire family, but especially the littlest ones in your life. Whether the occasion calls for pure 100% premium Cotton Dry Wipes or an extra dose of plant-based cleansing power with 75% Alcohol Wipes, parents can breathe easy knowing they’re using a safe and certified product on the most important little humans in their lives. Don’t take our word for it. Try out a pack of 100% premium cotton dry wipes or 75% alcohol wipes and see for yourself the relief you feel knowing you’re keeping your family safe and clean while using a product you can feel good about.