7 Ways to Use KubWipes With Your Kids

We’ve already seen that KubWipes are super versatile and handy for men, women, teens (hello acne) and babies, but what about the little ones in between? Parents are always looking for hacks to make life a little easier and at KubWipes we’re here to help, one wipe at a time. 

In this blog, we give you 7 awesome ways to use (and reuse) your KubWipes 100% Natural Cotton Dry Wipes with Kids. 

Whiteboard Eraser

Whether you’re helping your child do at-home learning, playing Pictionary or just letting your little Picasso doodle on a whiteboard, our 100% Natural Cotton Dry Wipes make the perfect dry erase board eraser. Grab a wipe and swipe clean your whiteboard or dry-erase pad in one easy motion. Our wipes are extra-strength and flexible so you can use and reuse them again and again without ripping or tearing like tissues or paper towels. When it’s completely covered in dry-erase ink, just toss out the biodegradable wipe and you won’t have to worry that you’ve destroyed any of your cloth towels. 

Craft Cleanup

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, crafts are going to be a part of your life with kids. Whether you’re the parent that spends hours on Pinterest looking for fun arts and craft activities to do at home, or you’re the parent who dreads the thought of yet another weekend project for school (just me?), every parent knows that when it’s time to clean up, kids aren’t the neatest crafters. Tiny shreds of paper, (who thought it was a good idea to let them practice their cutting skills?), glue, paint and glitter (oh the glitter!) will inevitably be found everywhere. KubWipes is here to help save the day and clean up the mess. Sturdy, flexible and large dry wipes are perfect for collecting glitter, paper and other small dry messes. For sticky, spilled glue and paint, wet a 100% Natural Cotton Dry Wipe with water and get scrubbing. Our extra-strength, pure cotton fibers won’t rip or tear like paper towels or tissues and they can even be wrung out and used again for big messes. Don’t forget, KubWipes are chemical-free, non-toxic and 100% cozy soft cotton so they’re perfect for wiping off messy hands and faces too! 

Seedling Starter 

If you’re looking for a fun and easy science activity to do with kids, look no further. Learning about the life cycle of plants and helping kids start their own mini garden is a great way to introduce natural science in a fun and interesting way for kids. Seed germination is super simple with KubWipes 100% Natural Cotton Dry Wipes. Grab a dry cotton wipe and place it in a bowl or container and soak completely with water. Next, sprinkle some lentils or any small seeds generously around in an even layer and gently press them down into the wet, cotton wipe. Cover the bowl tightly with cling film or use a clear container with a lid and that’s it! Wait and watch your little seeds germinate! Your seeds will germinate faster in a warm environment or near a warm heat source and with lots of natural light. Once the first leaves emerge on your seedling, you can help your kiddo plant the sprout in a potting plant with dirt or in your backyard garden and watch your new plant grow even more! 

Little Helpers

Have you ever noticed that kids love imaginative play doing tasks that most adults loathe? Kids like to model adult behavior and play things like cooks in the kitchen and pretend cleanup with their own child-sized brooms and mops because it makes them feel more grownup. Why not take advantage of your curious little helpers and give them easy chores to do to help out around the house? Children, as young as two years old, can start helping out around the house with simple tasks and also feel a sense of pride and accomplishment when completed. A great chore for little ones to help out with is dusting, and KubWipes 100% Natural Cotton Dry Wipes are the easiest and safest tool to get kids dusting away. Our cotton wipes are chemical-free, non-toxic, and safe for little ones to handle unlike other chemical-filled products and attract dirt and dust with their natural cotton non-woven fibers. Just give your child a wipe and let him dust away dirt and grime from surfaces, objects, plants and more. 

Cold & Flu Season

With the change of weather and season come the unavoidable and neverending sniffles and runny noses. The common cold is all too common for parents of young children in winter months as well as other illnesses like the seasonal flu. Ordinary tissues tear and cause irritation on sensitive little noses after repeated wiping and dissolve when wet. 100% Natural Cotton Dry Wipes are the perfect substitute to soothe congested little noses and wipe away boogers with 100% clean, soft cotton. Used dry they can absorb mucus and liquids and when used wet can be placed on foreheads to cool down fevers or can be used to clean and soothe irritated noses without chemical residue left behind on the face like other baby wipes.     

Glasses Cleaner

This hack is our favorite for both kids and adults alike who wear eyeglasses. 100% Natural Cotton Dry Wipes are the perfect wipes to clean glasses with absolutely no fuzz, no lint and no chemical residue left behind. Dip one corner of your wipe in water to clean glasses and then wipe them dry with another dry edge. Kubwipes are the perfect size wipe to keep inside your glasses case or pouch for cleaning on the go. KubWipes are flexible, natural, soft, dry and safe to use on the most sensitive and delicate anti-scratch glass to keep your kid’s vision bright, clear and smudge-free!  

Clean Bottom, Face & Hands

As a parent, we look forward to all the milestones in our children’s lives, but potty-training especially ranks high on the list when we assume we will no longer have to wipe our children’s bums clean and when we get to say goodbye to pricey diapers for good. What they don’t tell the rookies is that just because your child stops wearing diapers doesn’t let you off the hook for butt duties, and definitely doesn’t stop the need for wipes. 😆 Long after that first precious “I did it” happens, we find ourselves helping to clean our children’s messy bottoms, faces and especially their hands. With the help of KubWipes, you can help clean your child thoroughly with a 100% Natural Cotton Dry Wipe which can be used both dry and wet. Our wipes are large and sturdy for all kinds of messy body parts and because they’re non-toxic, chemical-free, and natural cotton, parents can have peace of mind using them on the delicate skin of children of all ages. Wet them with water for extra cleaning power or use dry for superior absorbency. Keep a pack handy at home or in your car and you’ll be ready for all life’s messes with kids. 

People all across the USA are loving KubWipes, and with countless uses for our 100% Cotton Dry Wipes, it’s easy to see why these wipes are perfect for every age and every household. Grab your pack today and see how many ways you can use our cozy soft, versatile wipes. 

Ready, set, wipe!